Purchase Mazda Protection

Paint Sealant

  • Bonds to the surface completely sealing the paint.
  • Creates a smooth, durable finish that protects your vehicle against the harsh Canadian environment.
  • Protects and enhances your vehicle’s clear coat with no requirement for waxing or reapplication.
  • Preserves the look of your vehicle and its resale value.




Fabric / Leather Shield

  • Ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining.
  • Penetrates each individual fiber to repel moisture and dirt, while the treated fabric remains open and breaths.
  • Will not alter the color or texture of your fabric or leave any residual odor.




Rust Proofing

  • Seals your vehicle’s inner body metal surfaces.
  • Stops rust perforation from the inside out.
  • High pressure spray application ensures that all inner body panels are treated without drilling any holes.
  • Lengthens the life and structural integrity of your vehicle.
  • Preserves the appearance and value of your vehicle.





  • Seals the bottom of the vehicle against road salt, stones gravel and dirt.
  • Protects against Underbody Rust.
  • Provides a sound barrier from road noise.
  • Controls dust from being drawn into the vehicle by sealing the seams. Helps insulate the vehicle from heat and cold