Customer Testimonials


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Sarah Hall gave us a warm welcome as soon as we walked into the showroom. After some conversation and questions answered she brought us a vehicle from the lot that we liked right away. She took very good care of us, guiding us through the paperwork and addressing all of our concerns in a positive manner. Because of her caring personality we were convinced that we had the right vehicle at a good price point. If you go to Landmark Mazda, it would be a good idea to ask for Sarah Hall you will be treated as a somebody and I assure you that your needs will be taken very good care of. Not many places have such an outstanding person in their employ as Sarah Hall.

James O'Reilly

I want to say thank you to Michael for helping me get the vehicle I’ve always wanted. I thought I was going to have to wait months to get it but he was able to give me a deal. They are so friendly and helpful at Landmark Mazda and I am so happy I went to them. The best part is I know that if I ever have issues I can always go to them for help without feeling bad. I feel like part of the Mazda family now. I highly recommend Landmark Mazda and I’ll never forget how great my experience was there.

Ally Radesh

Amazing customer service! We were welcomed by Sarah Hall on our arrival, throughout the buying process she was very patient and very transparent about everything. We went to every Mazda dealership in edmonton before buying a car for my wife and everywhere other than landmark, salespeople and managers were.... exhausting to say the least. :D They also gave us the best out the door price and didn't play any games like others.

Harnam Das

Thank you Landmark Mazda team for walking me through a very overwhelming process. This dealership is not like most; they treat you like family here, always looking out for your best interest. I went to a few dealerships before I walked into Mazda, and I was so discouraged and unimpressed. As soon as I got to Mazda, the manager himself greeted us and was able to breakdown everything we were looking for! He kept things in our budget and was able to track down my perfect car! Financing was such a quick and easy process as well! Thank you Mark, Mike, and Alyssa for helping me find my perfect car! This is truly a special place to buy, and I highly recommend coming to this location if you want to skip the typical dealership shadiness. Everything is up front and honesty, which is rare in sales. Side note: this was such a fast process too! I looked at this car on Saturday and was able to purchase and take it home Monday!

Emma Baker

Sarah was great, willing to stay after hours with me on the first day and talk over the car I ended up buying. Alyssa was also great, got all the paperwork done quickly and was very responsive via email. I was in the process of buying a new car for the first time after more than a decade of exclusively driving junkyard specials. Landmark was the only Mazda dealership in the city that didn't incessantly blow up my phone trying to sell me overpriced used cars that weren't even close to what I wanted. They made it pretty easy and were understanding when I wasn't ready to commit right away. During the sale and finance they offered the standard ppf, undercoating and extended warranty, but certainly weren't pushy about it, which is appreciated. Took my 3 sport home yesterday, nicely detailed and full tank of gas.

Charles Laing