Benefits of Brake Maintenance

July 25th, 2018 by

Keeping Your Brakes in Top Shape is Important

Brake maintenance is a crucial part of your vehicle’s upkeep.  Your brakes are the only thing keeping you from driving into another vehicle, so it is important that your brakes are working as they should.  There are several benefits to regularly maintaining your brakes, including a safer drive, lower costs in the long run, and your peace of mind.

Safer Driving

Here at Landmark Mazda, your safety is our top priority.  Driving without properly maintained brakes can be quite dangerous, both for you and for the drivers around you.  Ensuring that your brakes are checked and changed as needed will ensure that you always come to a complete stop quickly and precisely, and could potentially save you from a devastating collision. 

Lower Costs in the Long Run

If you choose to keep driving with poorly functioning brakes, the lack of maintenance can be catastrophic for various brake components, such as pads and rotors.  However, if you get your brakes inspected regularly the life of these parts can be extended.  Plus, regular inspections and lubrication will help you avoid costly and untimely repairs from caliper seizure and uneven brake wear.

Peace of Mind

If you bring your vehicle down to Mazda for a brake inspection, our factory-trained technicians will make sure that your vehicle is properly taken care of.  They will perform a variety of tasks including cleaning debris from all brake components, inspecting any wear and tear on your brake system and repairing as needed, and applying silicone brake lubricant to help brake parts move more freely and enhance your vehicle’s safety.  As a result, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your Mazda vehicle is ready to tackle the roads.

Service Your Brakes at Landmark Mazda in Edmonton, AB

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